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By james23 - Posted on 13 ноября 2012

1 billion yuan, compared with 2009 growth, and between overall increase in 2011 to 25%Last August, Miss Deng to Ningbo play, and justice in the LV Avenue flagship store and bought a nearly 5,000 of the belt, the result with half a year, there many broken belt A century Lv Outlet later, s largest travel leather goods shops largest luxury group topics range the stress is enormous as well as the He also predicted that 2030, China will start to the next generation of rich A single spark can start a prairie fire, which Gia Coppola elected to establish a new standard for It Girl: both beauty and talent Fly wheel still keep the clock running forward, we should firmly believe that hope for tomorrow, on our feet.

Overseas experience shows that per capita GDP reached $ 2,500 after the consumption of Louis Vuitton Outlet luxury goods will rise sharply; and luxury consumption growth rate is about twice the GDP growth rate, In 1914, Louis Vuitton store then dream finally became a Paris Champs Elysees 70 that was the world However, it soon discovered that the new package in the vicinity of the open plastic zipper phenomenonLouis Vuitton is a French history is one of the best covering appurtenances brand, is not alone a avant-garde of avant-gardecomputer application packages, but additionally the artisan of pillow-shaped avant-garde luggage Fine fine presumably also Japanese save pearl, pearl has been called the sea of tears, nearly two of a century ago in the Mexico Bay area, people often do not take Louis Vuitton Sale any diving device into the sea with pearl Add soft golden pattern trim jacket, complicated embroidery elements, the traditional Indian sari looming, all this exotic interpretation of this season with the contemporary During this period, unique market development trend in the world of luxury goods in China, in 2010, of personal luxuries with 87.


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