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Turkey's Army4claims, June Wholesale Oakley Sunglasses

By elint - Posted on 05 июля 2012

Turkey's Army4claims, June Wholesale Oakley Sunglasses22nd by the Syria shot down the plane two pilots body was in the eastern Mediterranean seabed to find, is currently the remains will be salvaged.

In June 22nd, a Turkey F-4 aircraft was shot downWholesale Oakley Sunglasses and crashed into the waters of Syria, Oakley Sunglasses OutletSyria. Turkey General Staff Department No. 4on the Internet issued a statement saying, located in the eastern Mediterranean region of Turkey the wreckage of the plane to find2 dead Oakley Sunglasses Outletpilot's body,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet is currently the remains will be salvaged.

Turkey's defense minister Yilmaz said in answer to a reporter's question confirmed this news, he said, the aircraft engine is the Oakley Sunglasses Cheapday before the remaining wreckage found, is also collected, earth will try to search all may find the parts. Yilmaz emphasizes at the same time, including the Turkey headquartersOakley Sunglasses Cheap of the general staff,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap Turkey official departments will in the first time to the public without disguise and crash events associated with the most accurate, the most authentic information.

The crash occurred, Turkey's adherence to the claims that the aircraft briefly entered Syria's airspace, but was shot down during an Oakley Outletairspace has been out, then in international airspace by Syria shot down. But the Syrians insists, the plane was shot down the invasion of Syria airspace. The president of Syria Bashar Oakley OutletAssad has also said in the interview, he of the incident and Oakley Outletexpressed regret, the Syria government will try to avoid a reclassification of the two to the full-scale confrontation.


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