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In the UK, also never lacking Nike Air Max

By elint - Posted on 05 июля 2012

In the UK, also never lacking Nike Air Max eurosceptic. Mrs. Thatcher firmly said:" if it was me, never will sign the treaty." This treaty was to lay the European Monetary Integration Based on" the Maastricht Treaty". Thatcher's successor, former British Prime Minister Major signed the treaty in the British vConservative Party, also brings hitherto unknown split, indirect cause of Mr Major, the conservative Nike Air Maxparty out of office for many years.

The Cameron administration alsoNike Air Max 95 strain every nerve to avoid British out of the European Union, because the EU is the largest export market. In the dual pressure, Cameron took a moderate position. Earlier this month, Cameron said publicly, although they doNike Air Max 2011 not support the immediate introduction of the referendum, but does not exclude in the future may hold a referendum. However,Nike Air Max 2011 he still refused to promise the referendum date. At the same time, Cameron in last week's EU summit in the euro area, closer integration initiatives have expressed support, including the issuance of a unified EUNike Air Max 95 bond.

The UK is the European marginalized?

The British now so strong" and European" voice, is only for historical reasons? The German" Spiegel" says, the European debt crisis in the Nike Air Max 95eurozone manufacturing new political power, not in the euro zone within the UK need to respond, or there will be marginalized risk.

In last week's EU summit,Nike Air Max 90 Cameron refused to sign the new EU financial agreement, which reflects the British dissatisfaction Franco-German in rescue euro on big show, but also to the eurozone countries greatly disappoint one's hopes, to Britain" off the European referendum " voice response is very fierce. An EU official said the" show", another official described it as a crisis of European great troubles,Nike Air Max 90 "this is not the way to treat neighbors ... Nike Air Max 90... This is your house was on fire, and you are still worried about the neighbors garden fence land by embezzlement."


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