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uxury goods LV

By lvlv520 - Posted on 12 июня 2012

Similarly, to determine whether a sea who style him to the sea whether clever tactics, to see if he in some detail to show the noble and tasteHollow 18K gold hour and minute hands tell the mysteries of time Yes, we are referring to whether to use a package of travel accessories such as LV, the package to the sets of documents from the toilet, everywhere embodies the Louis Vuitton Purses sophisticated and discerning of its owner Louis Vuitton revolutionary design of the first LV flat top leather case, opened the first LV bag shop in Paris, creating a LV pattern of the first generation The easy nature of the staining to be careful not to let the colored items or fade the items put together, if there are minor stains with a slightly damp soft cloth for cleaning

Other brand shopping, others as long as the sale of goods, maintenance is absolutely no problem twisting two screws, how is so hard Octagonal winding crown set with precious cognac color sapphire, pearl skin strap with fine polished production Louis Vuitton is completely different, this century-step shop has continued its unique blood, never swore concern for product quality, this was all Louis Vuitton is a hub for long-lasting After Swarovski, Louis Vuitton, GUCCI and many other luxury businesses made their positions known, said there was no authorized electricity supplier website to sell their products "A public relations person in charge of the luxury goods manufacturers also told reporters: "experience dealing with my long-term and first-line brand, brands do not supply to the network operators

Iconic Monogram patent leather strap and case, dial the same color, harmony and unity, and natural Luxury goods in terms of economics, referring to the value / quality ratio productsM40157 LV Hot classic handbag Excellent LV success of the strategy in the Chinese women is that markets LV bag to make women think, what a glorious thing to have an LV LV is the development of a hundred years, how much to open up space in the style no longer exists - some already, they should not have thrown up from time to timePetite is actually a compliment

In fact, from the economic sense, luxury real terms is a high-end consumer behavior does not have to appraise the points Louis Vuitton Outlet Bain & Company survey shows that the Chinese luxury goods LV men's annual growth rate of 14% LV bag beauty in each year are new, each time in front of us, are deeply attracted our attention, without any language, just because it's classic, it is not fall in the myth of people's minds at any time with engraved will give people surprises, dizzying, s heartFrom another point of view, luxury is an intangible Louis Vuitton value / tangible value of the ratio between the highest The color is limited by the optics and the human eye sensitivity is very limited, only cycle use


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