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lv bags replica has steering has more expensive

By Анон - Posted on 23 марта 2012

Set new records of Charles de Gaulle airport

Crazy Chinese tourists abroad to buy brand-name bags, watches is not new, China in the past two years the affluent shopping abroad often hit new record, make the world a more impressive in their heroic spend money like water. Actually for these China rich,, spend how many has not problem lv bags replica, they of heart by good has steering has more expensive of collection--such as teacher of body made of senior custom clothing; Switzerland table factory in those does not external sold, and only only worth million Yuan above of name table; Centennial Winery limited version of clocks wine; global limited of clocks sports car; also has Paris, and New York lots most your of luxury.

Paris holidays travel agency is a specialized undertaking domestic high-end Tourism travel agencies in China, according to the Manager of jiahaiyan introduced, some of the spending power of China's wealthy French Raspberry. "They lived at Nadia Litz, Morris or the four seasons hotel, France top-end hotel, one night accommodation fee will be one thousand or two thousand euros, in France's main activity is shopping. Caddia jewelry, Vendome luxury jewelry stores around the square, Hermès and Chanel Handbags, is often a rolled gold, without a blink. When you eat at the hotel, will top red wine, more than 10,000 euros a bottle, each meal consumption several bottles, French flounder. ”

Christmas Eve 2008, wine shop at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, a member of the Chinese people to break the single consumer records of Charles de Gaulle Airport: one-time purchase 46 LV bags on sale,423 euros worth of wine. The next day, the news immediately became France many media social news headlines, AFP, the Figaro newspaper, Le Monde and France of several television stations reported the Chinese stuff.

Reports that the former Chinese boarded flights flew back to Beijing, 2E at Charles de Gaulle airport terminal building in the wine shop to buy two bottles of Burgundy wine LV bags wholesale, ROMANEE CONTI (brand name: luomannikangdi) single bottle prices to more than 20,000 euros was France one of the most expensive red wines. He also purchased the boerduodiqu Château, BETU Manor, mago Winery, Latour Winery Red wine.

Charles de Gaulle airport said in a communique, welcomed the Chinese waiter in the store at that time passengers, he does not think about, over more than 40,000 euro is sold within just a few minutes.

Communique also said, on the Charles de Gaulle airport shopping record is created by a Chinese passenger at a time, it was in 2007, a Chinese passenger flower 23,000 euros to buy a few bottles of red wine.

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